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Beans With Meat In Tomato Sauce

This is a recipe of typical Mediterranean cooking, mainly Greek one. INGREDIENTS -half kilo meat of beef -5 tomatoes -one onion 1 kilo fresh beans (bought from groceries or fresh and peeled then washed) -olive oil -salt and pepper -half spoonful of sugar Preparation -We fry till ''red'' the meat with onion (cut to small pieces). We add some salt and pepper; then as soon as meat starts getting done, we put the 5 peeled mature tomatoes and let it get done more; when meat in all this is half done, we add beans, with olive oil (three spoonful), salt and pepper. In the end we add half spoonful of sugar. We let all this get done at 150 C for round one hour (no higher temperature, as meat has to be well done). This is a full meal, no need to have something more. Bread of course, and may be some cheese. Good appetite!

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