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Cream Beshamel

This cream is typical Greek cream for many foods. INGREDIENTS -3 glasses of fresh milk -7 big spoonful flour -5 big spoonful butter -salt and pepper -spices (optional) -2 broken eggs Preparation -You put butter in a casserole and you leave it in medium temperature till it gets melt. You add flour by mixing with a big fork till flour and butter are absorbed each other -You add milk, by keep on mixing being careful of not creation of ''knots'' and reach an homogeneous mix -As soon as it starts getting boiled, you lower temperature of stove, and you continue mixing till cream does not stick on casserole. -You remove cream from stove, by adding spices, salt and pepper and leave it to get cold. -You put the eggs in the cream, and you mix with quick movements, till they are absorbed by mix. Your cream must be soft and even.

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