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Egg-lemon Sauce

INGREDIENTS -2 eggs -juice of 1-2 lemons -juice from food Egg-lemon sauce of cream -3 eggs 1/2 cup of juice of meat or water -salt and pepper -3 big spoonful of corn flour -2 1/2 cups of juice of food or warm water -1-2 lemon juice -1 big spoonful butter Preparation -Break the eggs in a bowl and mix them with a big fork. You pour little by little the lemon juice, and while mixing you add little the juice of food. (for example if you make stuffed zucchini, or else, namely juice of any food). You put the egg-lemon juice in the casserole and ix with fast movements till sauce goes everywhere in the food, -An alteration : Egg-lemon cream -You break eggs in a bowl of glass; you dissolve corn flour with juice of food (any food each time) or water by throwing them in the juice of eggs. -You transfer the mix in a casserole by adding all other ingredients as above, except for butter and lemon juice. -You leave mix get boiled on a stove of low temperature, by mixing continuously and till it becomes a slight cream. As soon as you remove casserole from stove, you put butter and mix with fast movements and pour lemon juice. (Don't let cream get boiled too much, as it becomes a mass when it gets cold) You can serve separately in a bowl or plate for sauce.

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