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How To Make Bread On Your Own At Home

For 2 loaves of bread INGREDIENTS -30 gr. fresh dough -1 kgs hard flour suitable for bread -30 gr sugar or honey -650 gr tedious water -1 big spoonful of salt -2 big spoonful olive oil Preparation You knead the flour and put it in a bowl. You weight and concentrate all your ingredients on a clean bank of the kitchen. You dissolve dough in a 1/////////2 cup of tedious water, by adding sugar or honey and some flour and mix till it becomes a mass. You leave the mix with dough at a warm place for 30 min . -You make a gap in the flour and throw salt, oil and mix of dough. You start mixing and add gradually the rest of tedious water. You keep mixing till all flour is absorbed in the rest of stuff and till pastry is not sticky in your hands. If it continues being sticky, just add some more flour. -You mix to all directions, again and again, for 5-6 min. approximately. -You make a big ball from pastry and after you cover it with two three towels of kitchen, you leave it at a hot place of the kitchen till it's filled up. -Then you divide pastry to two parts, you mix again and make two loaves of bread. You put them in a pan with olive oil. You trace the loaves with knife and then you leave them in a hot place for at least one more hour. You bake bread in a preheated oven at 190-200 C for still 30-35 min.You take them out of the oven and cut them before they are cold.

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