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Make Your Own Vegetarian Pizza Of Low Calories At Home

Make your own vegetarian delicious Pizza at home fast and easily INGREDIENTS -5 slices ham -3 fresh tomatoes -2 green peppers -white cheese without grease -one spoonful of white butter (for pastry) -1 onion -olive oils Preparation of pastry -You put one glass fresh milk in a big bowl, then you add flour and work with hands so as to be a sticky mass. You add as much flour as needed so as not to be sticky, adding also three spoonful of oil, and baking powder. You mix all this with hands, so that all ingredients are absorbed. Then you cover with a towel of kitchen, and leave it somewhere in the kitchen for round 1 hour. Rest of ingredients: You cut ham and cheese in a bowl as well as peppers and onion to small pieces. -When pastry is done and becomes a soft mass, you open ''leaf'' with a round wooden roller of kitchen. You place it in a pan; then you add all other ingredients (ham, cheese, tomatoes, pepper and onion, as well as olives). You can stretch on pastry the one spoonful of white butter to make it more delicious, but butter is optional in this case since it's a vegetarian pizza. Our stuff is ready to be baked in the oven. NB After putting on pastry all ingredients, you can also add some more white cheese (without grease), and bake for 40 min at 200 C. Your delicious Pizza is ready for you to eat. You can serve with some cold beer, any type. GOOD APPETITE

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