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Meatballs Cooked In Tomato Sauce With Fried Potatoes

The origin of this recipe is actually from Turkey, but it has also been adopted by Greek cook and housewives. 1)INGREDIENTS (for 4 persons) -one kgs mince meat - two slices of wet bread (bread that has been put to water and then shrunk -five small spoonful of oil -smashed garlic -kiminon (or ciminon) -salt and pepper -half glass of beer or small glass of wine Preparation We put all above ingredients in a big bowl, and mix them with hand until it becomes a sticky mass (optional: add some water so it does not stick on fingers) Then we make small balls of rectangular form that we put in a pan of glass or steel We prepare sauce : Five fresh tomatoes, that we boil at hot temperature relatively, with salt, pepper and three small spoonful olive oil. We pour sauce on to the pan where we have previously put the ball.-We bake at 200 C for round 50 minutes. We serve with beer if it's summer or wine if it's winter, with fried potatoes (recommended). Good Appetite!!

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