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Okra Cooked In Tomato Sauce

This is a typical recipe of Greek cooking! It's delicious but healthy also. INGREDIENTS -1 bag of okra from supermarket -3 fresh tomatoes -one onion -garlic -one-two green peppers -olive oil -salt and pepper -sugar -two potatoes Preparation -We peel somehow tomatoes and smash them in the blender -we put this juice in a casserole medium size, by adding smashed onion, well smashed garlic (up to four pieces) -we now put okra and mix at low temperature -we then peel potatoes and cut them in small pieces (cube form) and add them to the mix. We let this get boiled for round 15 min (at 200C), the we add peppers cut also to small pieces, olive oil (totally up to five big spoonful), salt, pepper and in the end half spoonful of sugar. We leave this on stove at 150 C for round half an hour. Your meal is ready! Delicious and healthy!!

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