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Pastry For Pizza

For 1 (one)Pizza -350 gr, of flour for all uses -15 gr.fresh dough -180 ml water -1/2 spoonful of sugar -1 small spoonful salt -1 big spoonful olive oil Preparation 1-You weight and you concentrate all stuff on the table of kitchen 2.-You knead the flour in a big bowl and you put then to mixer. You dissolve dough in tedious water along with sugar and throw the mix in flour. -You start working the mix in blender by adding salt and olive oil. You ''work'' through for some minutes, till pastry gets homogeneous and will not stick on the bowl. -You stop mixing and leave pastry for one hour approximately covered with towel at a hot place till a good volume is created from it. -You mix pastry with hands or blender for some min. and you make a ball.. You put flour on the desk of kitchen and ''open'' pastry with the wooden roller, by giving it any form (rectangular, round etc depending on your preference). Thickness should be 1/2-1 cm approx. -You stretch pastry in pan and leave it to 'relax'' a little bit, for 1/2 hour before garnishing it with ingredients of your recipe.

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