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Pastry For Crepes

For 6-8 crepes medium size INGREDIENTS -125 gr flour -250 gr milk -2 eggs -salt -1 spoonful sugar -25 gr. melted butter Preparation -You knead flour in a deep bowl, you make a gap with knife in the center of it and pour milk, melted butter, salt, sugar and finally you break eggs in it. -You mix this set with a big fork, till flour is absorbed by humid ingredients -You mix this stuff till you make an homogeneous mass without ''balls''. You leave it there ''relax'' for 1-2 hours and medium temperature, -You put butter in a pan , put it on stove to get hot and with a spoon or cup of coffee you pour pastry mass little by little. -You turn pan upside down, so that mass is stretched on all surface, and crepe becomes round or even. -You wait till it down side gets roasted and then you turn pan with help of a spade or ''throw it in the air'', till whole crepe is roasted from the other side too.

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