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Stuffed Zucchini With Lemon Sauce

Typical Greek recipe in summer, that is delicious besides having low calories INGREDIENTS (four persons) -8 green fresh zucchini -half kilo mince meat -1 cup of rice -mint -1 fresh mature tomato -olive oil, salt and pepper Preparation of zucchini We peel all zucchini, and remove cups of each one. -To prepare material for stuffing, we put mince in a casserole, to get half fried with onion, and olive oil; then we add tomatoes and rice, and let all this mix get done for round half an hour. -We remove casserole from stove and we stuff all this zucchini with the mix, by putting back cups of each one... Now, for lemon sauce: We break two eggs and mix with a spoon, by also putting three small lemons or two bigger ones. We still mix, by adding some flour, so that it becomes a soft slightly sticky mass. We spread the sauce over zucchini and let all this get done for round 5-10 min. Your meal is ready!! You can serve beer with eat, invite friends or share them with your family.

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