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As the Mediterranean kitchen is from the best in the world, mainly Greek kitchen, we recommend another delicious and healthy food at the same time. This is \stuffed leaves of grapes'' YALANCI''. -For 6-8 persons INGREDIENTS -500 gr. of leaves of grapes from a grape tree or from vase, ready sold in the super market -2 cups of tea rice -2 onions cut to tiny pieces -1 small batch of mint -1 cup of tea olive oil -1 cup of tea coconut seeds (optional) -salt and pepper -juice of two lemons Preparation -If leaves are fresh you wash them and you boil them for 4-5 min in hot water. Then you let them shrink well, before cooking them. -You heat half of olive oil and fry onions. You add rice, and mix continuously until it ''gets polished'' and throw lemon juice, spices, (coconut seeds and mint) as well as salt and pepper. You mix then until all flows are absorbed by leaving this stuff get cold. -You put at the bottom of casserole some leaves (stretch them on the surface). You take one by one the other leaves of grapes and put a spoonful of the stuff in the center of them. You wrap them into small rolls without tightening them much. You put like this all leaves on two-three layers in casserole. -You pour these stuffed leaves with the rest of oil, add 2 cups of water and put on them a plate upside down, (this is needed, for leaves not to open but kept tight). You cover casserole and boil light, until rice gets soft and they remain with their oil.

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