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About Cookboard


CookBoard Facts

1. CookBoard is “First of its Kind in the World” to provide a Marketing Platform for Local Chefs to sell their products. 2. CookBoard Team is Diverse in Nature. We have Teams Members working from India, Philippines, and the United States of America. 3. This is the First Campaign in Indiegogo to be promoting Environment Friendly Handmade Jute Bags to help the Poor Farmers in India. 4. CookBoard gives Home Cooks an opportunity to monetize their cooking skills thereby earning money and fame. 5. CookBoard will be the first E-Commerce Company to trader cooked food.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to bring Home Cooks and Local Chefs around the world on board to CookBoard, to sell food cooked by them to Food Enthusiasts in their City, Town and Community.

Thought process behind the making of CookBoard

We love food. I think everyone does and some much more than others. We love to cook up something different each and every time but there’s no real business in that. Not yet anyways. There are home cooks in every city, town and community. The food served by them is cheaper, fresher in ingredients and more competitive than if you would dine at a fine dining restaurant. This made us realize how creative they are and the huge potential they have to make a name for themselves. Think Etsy with Pinterest but featuring food. All kinds of food. Like Food Porn. So, this is when we realized to provide Local Chefs and Home Cooks a platform using technology to market their unique product and in return pay tribute to all the Chefs, home cooks around the world, who cool delicious food. CookBoard offers customers a marketplace where someone craving for a “homemade gnocchi in butter and garlic aioli” or a local delicacy called “pinangat” could be satisfied by browsing and ordering it online from people who actually cook it, within your local community, within your city. Passion, craving, thereby, is stated, as is the business model that is the offshoot of those two things.

How CookBoard Works

Since the inception of this thought we have been in the process of developing this platform, which is yet in its initial stage. We would like to present a platform which optimizes the opportunities local Chefs would have, to sell their home made, fresh cooked food to the community. This can be achieved by bridging the gap between the buyer and the seller. This is where we would like to bring in the use of technology such as Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, and SEO/SEM to enhance relations between the Client and the Vendor. Our aim is to create a platform for the all the Chefs and home cooks to reach out to 6 Billion people around the world. Home Cooks or Local Chefs who boards into CookBoard can create their own customized cook board complete with ordering facility for free. The customized CookBoard includes the Price of the Food product, Recipe involved in its making, Calorie Coefficient, and necessary warning for food which are high on Sugar, Carbohydrate, and Fat etc. Local residents can order any food of their choice and can even customize the dish to their liking through our Interactive Tool from any of our boards available in their city, county or town. CookBoard rates its Cooks and Chefs based on the type of sales and customer satisfaction.